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 I work personally with clients to achieve their dreams of designing and building one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, wall-units, and individual home décor items. I expand on their thoughts and perceptions, or I design and create unique concepts from my own ideas and vision.

It may begin with a drawing, a picture, or an actual existing plan. I meet with the client to determine their values and direction they wish to go. I can work from their own artistic sketches or architectural blueprints, but more often than not, I develop a theme that incorporates my own artistic viewpoint in keeping with my appreciation of mixed-medium art and the re-use, recycling, and repurposing of materials wherever possible. Every piece of furniture, artwork, or hand-craft that I create has, in some form or another, a part of the past within it. It may be reclaimed lumber or simply an old remnant of hardware, carving, or inlay.

Once I’ve developed a roadmap of where the client wants to go, I work up a plan, a labor and materials assessment, and finally a clearly laid-out written estimate with all drawings, photos, and specifications explained in detail, via an email. I am very flexible on the need for change and adaptations along the way, and never put customers in the position of being trapped in decisions that they may find the need to alter as the process proceeds. I always remain in contact with the customer to confer on any changes they may want or that I may find are necessary, and will always communicate with them in advance, if the need to adjust the cost arises and their changes mandate it.

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