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 Repairing, restoring, and refinishing of furniture can be a singular process involving one or more of those things, or a 3-tiered process involving all three.

Furniture in need of repair or restoration work does not always require refinishing, and vice-versa. I am always clear and concise in my evaluation of work that is necessary and will be open and honest to a customer regarding the extent of the work that I feel is needed. They may be in contact with me because they believe their furniture needs refinishing, but if it does not, I will tell them so. I always work on the premise and belief that an informed client leads to a satisfied one in the end. I offer every opportunity, through labor and material options, to work within their budget.

I have spent over 55 years restoring and refinishing all types of furniture, specializing in antique furniture.

  My expertise includes:

  • Every kind of repair work from regluing to rebuilding.
  • Restoring veneer work and marquetry.
  • Repairing and replacing missing carvings, moldings, and trim work.
  • Everything from French Polishing restorations to stripping and refinishing, restoring a piece back to the original Old World hand-rubbed patinas.
  • I fix what is broken, replace what is missing or lost, and alter, expand, and remodel existing pieces of furniture to fit the needs and utilitarian requirements of the 21st century home.

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